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Double GripXTD


Ever since carving was invented, edge grip has been vital. Precise hold has become the deciding factor in skiing as speeds and carving forces have increased. In order to optimise power over the edges, VÖLKL has developed the Double Grip principle: double height, double edge grip! The doubling of the Wood Core construction with a second wood core built up over the edges allows greater power transfer and stability and increases leverage. With Double Grip XTD, the additional wood core extends along the entire length of the ski. This makes the continuous flex of the ski rounder and more harmonious. The result is precise edge grip and reliable hold so you can carve your track through the snow at high speeds

Power grip


By means of its special 3D design, the Powergrip construction method generates more edge pressure, particularly in the binding area. The rails are interrupted in this area of the ski in order to house the 3Motion binding designed specially for Powergrip construction. The fact that the structure is divided into a front and rear area results in relatively low side walls, allowing even more direct contact between the ski boot and the edge. In conjunction with the binding, the ski gains the perfect blend of powerful edge grip, more rounded flex in the binding areas and sporty, but not too aggressive, characteristics. More grip for less effort!

Double Grip LT


Edge grip is not only a privilege for experts. On the contrary, optimum hold means that beginners can be successful more quickly. With this understanding VÖLKL has designed our really lightweight ski models - which are popular among beginners - with a special version of the Double Grip design: Double Grip LT. With this ultra-light construction the ski has just the right amount of height at the edges to increase the edge pressure - but not at the cost of making the ski too aggressive.