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Improved dynamics, less effort, easier turning and improved protection for the knee joint – that is BIO-LOGIC.

The project was kicked off by a study showing that women are much more likely to injure their knees while skiing then men. Not because they ski differently, but because their anatomy reacts more sensitively to strains. Working closely with renowned doctors and athletes, our Attiva team succeeded in engineering BIO-LOGIC to improve the skiing experience while also cutting down on extreme strains. The knee is subjected to reduced stress levels, with more refined and balanced activation of the leg musculature.

Bio-Logic has again been successfully improved for the coming season. The integration of the tip rocker in combination with sidecuts that have been individually reconfigured for each model, and an extra-light woodcore, reinforce the positive skiing performance of the construction, and noticeably elevate them to an entirely new level for everyone.

The ski's flex has been adjusted to the special characteristics of BIO-LOGIC GEOMETRY and STANCE. The result is an even more flexible, energy-saving and yet still sportive performance. Turn after turn flows more smoothly and harmoniously.

The toe area is slightly raised compared to the heel, making turn initiation easier. First and foremost this forces a more dynamic posture with better knee flex angles. The result is a highly efficient, less tiring skiing feel. The muscle supporting the knee are more actively balanced for improved protection.

Degressive sidecut: the radius is smaller in front of the binding than behind it. Just like a power steering system, this makes quick turns possible and reduces the extreme stresses at the end of a turn. Turning becomes more harmonious and precise.

Originally designed for the high-end V-Werks line, this high-quality, super-light wood core so effectively supports the Bio-Logic construction, through increased maneuverability and reduced stress on the skier, that we decided to integrate it into the Essenza collection as well.

While a tip rocker inherently provides improved agility, when combined with Bio-Logic technology this element takes on an even greater role. The variable edge grip, which changes according to the skier’s speed, delivers relaxed but secure carving through all turns.