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In the V-WERKS and Essenza series, along with the Touring series, our Xtralight wood cores are created using lighter weight material, along with channels milled out of the bottom of the core. Snappy and resilient, these hight tech wood cores save significant weight. 


Created in a complex CNC milling process, this highly sophisticated milling program enables Völkl to produce wood cores with extreme precision. It is ‘extended’ upward and lengthwise, milled to form the chambers of the Dual XTD Transmission construction The material is a blend of poplar and beech wood, and is found in Völkl’s highest performing models. 


Like the Extended Sensorwood Core, the Sensorwood core is CNC milled using vertically laminated poplar and beech wood. 


The Extended (XTD) Wood Core is used in Dual XTD Transmission constructions. More forgiving than the Extended Sensorwood Core, it consists of a solid central section that extends toward the tip and tail. 


As the name suggests, The Dual Wood Core consists of parallel strips of wood surrounded by PU. 



A central member surrounded by PU, Wood Core provides stable, lively skis to improving novice and intermediate skiers.


Völkl freeskiing models feature a multi-layer wood core that features two different densities of wood. In the binding attachment area, a dense, ash core is used, while in the rest of the ski, the core is poplar. The more dense wood creates more secure screw retention, preventing binding pull-out, and the soft, supple poplar section allows for resilience and snap. The flex pattern is tailored to each ski model, depending on the desired performance. This popular wood core is featured in more models for 14/15. 

Tough Box Construction

Tough Box construction consists of the use of a Multi-Layer wood core (see below) and a composite/fiberglass sheath to create the ultimate resilience and snap for our freeskiing models. The sheath is wrapped around the wood core in the mid-body of the ski, increasing strength and screw retention. Many Vˆlkl freeskiing models also feature a carbon layer in the bottom of the ski that provides additional stability and durability.