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Ski Constructions


Dual XTD Transmission Sidewall

A light but highly stable full rocker shape, paired with an extra wide longitudinal reinforcement above the ski deck. The reinforcement belts are aligned to channel stress toward the outside of the ski. This works with the sidewall construction to prevent chatter and ensure that the necessary pressure is applied to the edges at high speeds.

Ski Models: RTM 84 / RTM 81

Dual XTD Transmission

Like the RTM 84, the RTM 80 reinforced 3D construction channels forces to the edges. The major difference between the 84 and 80 construction is in the sidewall compared to the cap. The cap construction on the RTM 80 makes this full rocker ski more forgiving and a bit softer in the general ride characteristics yet still delivers the necessary power reserves for athletic skiers pushing their limits.

Ski Model: RTM 80

XTD Transmission

The RTM 77 follows a similar construction philosophy, although the reinforcement is somewhat less pronounced, giving the ski a softer feel. Optimized for ambitious intermediates, the ski’s construction provides the edge pressure needed to rise up to the next level of speed and confidence.

Ski Model: RTM 77

XTD Progessive Technology

Both the normal [RTM 75] or dual woodcore [RTM 75is] versions have a unique 3D design which stabilizes the front of the ski body and transmits forces toward the ski’s center for a comfortable ride. For a tip rocker construction this translates into the stability needed for higher speeds without making turns any less gentle to initiate. At the end of the turn the classically cambered tail provides a clean arc for the curve to follow. The SENSOR models are coincidentally also produced based on this construction principle.

Ski Models: RTM 75 iS / RTM 75 / Chiara / Aurena

Progressive Technology

Tip rocker meets PROGRESSive Flex – PROGRESSive Technology! The very moderate reinforcement across the edge in the middle zone of the ski delivers a sufficient degree of stability without making turns any less gentle to initiate. The soft-flexing tail facilitates drift at the end of turn, especially for beginners.

Ski Models: RTM 73 | Adora Black | Adora White