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Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell




Mad Dog



Date of birth





Truckee, CA by way of Washington State


Climbing, BASE jumping, Speedflying, paragliding


Get Fired Up! (Kip Garre)

Ski club

Squaw Valley


Völkl, Marker

I spend my time skiing as much as possible. As a ski guide I am either working to show people the best skiing of their lives, or I am out looking for that myself. I've been guiding for about 8 years now and am a fully certified IFMGA mountain guide. My passion is finding new and exciting ways to play in the mountains. Whether that means skiing, or climbing, or flying, there is always something new to try. Some of my happiest moments are out sharing the magic of the mountains with my friends and opening peoples minds to the adventures that are out there.

What is your favorite ski in the Collection?

Why do you like this ski?
The Shiro skis well in just about every condition. Whether I am skiing deep days in Alaska or Spring conditions at home, it just performs.

What conditions do you use this ski for?
See above

What other skis in the the collection do you ride?
Nanatuq and Katana

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?
I ski backcountry with the Nanatuq, it is light and nimble and super versatile. The Katana is an everyday workhorse. It skis the first few pow laps, then charges through the chopped up aftermath, as well as firm conditions.

What bindings do you use and where do you mount them?
Jester is the binding of choice. It is the only binding that really allows you to use the whole ski, especially with today's wider skis.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
Depends, generally 11 when I am at the resort, but I up that to 13 or so when I am in AK or somewhere big.

Favorite skier:
Kip Garre and Shane McConkey

Ski hero growing up:
Rick Armstrong and Shane McConkey

Ideal day in the mountains:
Somewhere remote, with amazing snow, with a couple of my best buddies

How would you describe your style?
I like to ski big high mountain lines!

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career?
The first season I spent in AK really opened my eyes, then heading to the Alps after that showed me what is possible

Favorite place to ride:
Alaska, Points North

Best snow trip:
Trip to Antarctica

What age did you start to ski?
really little

What can’t you live without?

Favorite phone App?
Angry birds and scrabble

Goals and plans:
I would like to make some ski mountaineering expeditions and bring more of the skills I have from my climbing and mountain guiding world to that arena.