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Matt Boyd
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Matt Boyd




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2 Term PSIA Alpine Team member

Date of birth





Edinboro, PA


Waterskiing, Cycling, SCUBA


Don’t waste your time reading other people’s how-to books, write your own.

Ski club

Cannon Mt., New Hampshire


Völkl, Marker

Matt is in his second term as a PSIA National Alpine Team Member.  After growing up skiing at a small hill in Pennsylvania, Matt moved to the mountains of New Hampshire, where he worked at Loon Mountain for nearly 12 years. He is now a Partner, Coach and Consultant  for the  Arc2Arc Alpine Training Center.   He has also been named one of SKIING Magazine’s Top 100 Instructors in North America. Matt lives with his wife and two girls in Thornton, New Hampshire, where they enjoy waterskiing, wakesurfing, and cycling.

Ski hero growing up: Phil and Steve

Ideal day in the mountains: Spring corn with a group of friends

How would you describe your style: Ready, Fire, Aim

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career:
Everyone was always talking about being “forward”. They day I realized what being in balance over my outside foot meant and felt like was the most important moment in my skiing life.

Favorite place to ride: It’s hard to beat the feel of Snowbird.

Best snow trip:
  2011 Interski in St. Anton

What age did you start to ski:

What cant you live without: My wife and kids

Favorite phone App: Coach’s Eye

Goals and plans: A third term on the Alpine Team