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Joe Discoe

Joe Discoe




Sarge, Meat


Wall Mogul

Top results

3rd place Japan World Cup, 3 time National Champion

Date of birth

Feb. 23, 1987




Telluride CO


Guitar, Painting, Landscaping


Let er' Buck


Völkl, Marker

Well I started skiing when i was five.  Ever since that day i loved skiing.  I grew up chasing my older brother around the mountain and joined the Telluride Freestyle Team when i was about 9.  I tried every type of ski sport:  arco, aerials, slopestyle, halfpipe, moguls.  I just loved the challenge of mogul skiing and it was the most diverse sport.  It combines a lot of aspects of all the disciplines of freestyle.  You have bumps but you also have 2 jumps that you have to perform also.  So it just called to me.  I like to try to perfect everything.  From my turns all the way through to my jumps.  Super dedicated and always want to be the best. 


What is your favorite ski in 2012/2013 Collection?

Wall Mogul

Why do you like this ski?

Being a competitive mogul skier the Wall Mogul ski is one of the best.  It is a stiff mogul ski that allows for quick transitions from side to side which is what you need for mogul skiing.  Also the power construction and wood core make this ski a long lasting durable ski that gives you great feedback.  Super fun to ski!

What conditions do you use this ski for?

I use this ski when I compete or when i am freeskiing around the mountain.  It is a really good mogul ski so mainly when i plan on skiing bumps.  It is also a really great all mountain ski.  Whether you are cruising groomers or busting through crud.  Its got great shape that is really good for all mountain and is not to big that its hard to control.

What other skis in the 2011/2012 collection do you ride?

The other ski I ride is the Volkl Mantra.

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?

I ski the Mantra when it snows about a foot.  It is a fun ski that floats really well.  It has a little early rise tip so it skis a little smaller than the actual length.  Its a pretty big ski so i mainly use it when it dumps tons of snow.  I also use it when I go touring. 


What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

I mount my mogul skis with the Marker Race Comp 20 eps. I mount them a half cm forward.  I like to be close to my ski so that i can feel more, get more feedback.  I also need a high DIN setting so that i can stay in and not prerelease.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?

I have my DIN set to 15.  I like to charge hard.


Favorite skier:
I don't have Favorites.  I like pieces of multiple peoples skiing.

Ski hero growing up:
I really enjoyed watching Janne Lahtela.  He was a Finnish Mogul skier who won multiple olympic medals and also tons of world cup events.  He was a super dynamic and technical skier.  He had some of the best turns and always charged. He was really fun to watch.   I also looked up to Caleb Martin.  He was my club coach growing up.  He was a former US Ski Team member and was ranked 3rd in the world at one point.  He is also super technical and I learned a lot from him.

Ideal day in the mountains:
My ideal day in the mountains would be to have it snow about a foot and be bluebird that next day.  You go out and ski powder runs on steep mountains for about half the day.  Then when it gets all tracked up you go find the mogul runs.  Powder bumps that you can just fly down and have the snow flying all around you.  Face shots everywhere!  Ski till the mountain kicks you off.

How would you describe your style:
I would say that i have a real dynamic/tecnical style.  Some say militant.  I like to look different from everyone else and i want it to have style.  Aggressive angles and carve turns. 

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career:
Biggest breakthrough?  Thats a hard one, you have breakthroughs all the time.  I would say when I started to be more aggressive in my skiing.  Less perfection and just going for it.   I won my first National title doing that and also got my first world cup podium  when i was thinking that way.

Favorite place to ride:
My favorite place to ski is still my home mountain.  I have been all over the world and Telluride is still my favorite place to ski.  Steep mountains,  tons of moguls and no lift lines.  Couldn't get any better.

What age did you start to ski:
I started skiing when I was 5.   I still remember my first day.

Best snow trip:
I would say one of my best snow trips would be at a competition in Naeba Japan.  I was there for a World Cup event.  We had two days of training the course before the comp.  Every night it would snow a foot or more.  So after the second day when training was over i looked over at a couple of my coaches.  They just nodded yes and we went out on the mountain.  I had 3 to 4 untracked runs of waist deep powder skiing in the trees.  Every turn you made snow would blow over your head.  When i walked back into the hotel a bunch of teammates where doing there recovery and stretching getting ready for the comp the next day.  I came in caked with snow.  They asked me what i had been doing,  training had been closed for 2 hours.  i just told them, " Its waist deep powder of course im going skiing!"  I will always remember that.  Probably the best powder day i have ever had.

What cant you live without:
Coffee.  Certain Australian!

Favorite phone App:
I have an old cheap flip phone.  So probably the call function!

Home mountain:
Squaw Valley, CA


Goals and plans:
My goal would to be to compete in the Olympics.  Also have multiple World Cup Podiums.  Most of all i want to be remembered as one of the best mogul skiers of all time!