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RTM 84

The all condition flagship – full rocker, full power, full pleasure!

Ride the Mountain – that's the motto for the RTM series.

All of the RTMs stand out due to the unbelievable range of situations that they can handle, yet each one is also easy to handle as well.

The RTM 84 comes equipped with a wide shovel (129 mm), a full rocker shape and iPT Wideride bindings. The kingly width of the ski delivers plenty of off-piste pleasure, while the equally wide binding ensures that pressure is applied to the edges when athletic on-slope carving is needed.

Thanks to the full rocker shape, the ski remains extremely playful at any speed, yet ready to tackle heavy athletic challenges.


Advanced, Expert
70% Groomed - 30% Powder


Length Radius Sidecut
166 (15.8) 129_84_111
171 (16.9) 129_84_111
176 (18.0) 129_84_111
181 (19.1) 129_84_111