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Rocker Design


Playful Freeride - Radically Easy! There has never been a ski designed for such extreme use that is so easy to ride.

They’ve come from the park and the piste — to conquer the backcountry. An ever-larger circle of skiers has discovered the joys of gliding through deep off-piste powder. These skiers need a ski that they can rely upon at all times and in all situations, regardless of whether they like to drift or conjure up high-speed turns in the snow. It also has to be extremely easy to ride, yet be able to stand up to extreme stress.


Advanced, Expert
20% groomed, 80% powder


Length Radius Sidecut
176 (24.2) 146_124_138
186 (28.2) 146_124_138
196 (32.5) 146_124_138