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Kink Jr.

The Park & Pipe Ticket for Kids

Learning to ski directly with a mild full rocker shape. Today's generation of young new skiers are less interested in the classic learning curve. They want to get out there and imitate their idols on the jumps from day 1. They need a ski that helps them do so, but which also promotes the learning of proper ski technique.

The Kink Jr is more than just a miniature lookalike of its bigger brother. It's got all the tricks inside too. The soft rocker construction with full sensor woodcore supports playful learning of proper turning technique yet is forgiving of errors beginners make in the park and on jumps.


Intermediate, Advanced
60% Groomed - 40% Powder


Length Radius Sidecut
118 (8.4) 104_72_97
128 (10.2) 104_72_97
138 (12.3) 104_72_97
148 (14.4) 104_72_97
88 (4.6) 96_66_89
98 (6.0) 96_66_89
108 (7.7) 96_66_89