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Bio-Logic Women's Technology


When Völkl introduced Bio-Logic, we created a completely new design paradigm focusing on performance PLUS skier comfort and well-being. By focusing on the three attributes of stance, geometry, and flex, we created better performing skis that also reduced the stress on the leg muscles and knee joints for less fatigue, even reducing the risk of knee injury. In the all-new Essenza series, we’ve added a fourth attribute – tip rocker, that takes Bio-Logic one step further, creating the smoothest, silkiest women’s skis ever produced.

The addition of tip rocker makes Essenza models initiate the turn even more easily and smoothly than past models and makes them even more versatile in softer snow. Essenza models are also lighter in weight than their predecessors, thanks to innovations in constructions, lighter weight wood cores, and advancements in our Motion binding systems. 


Völkl engineers carefully match the flex of all Bio-Logic models to work in synergy with the new stance and geometry. Stiffer in the front of the ski for quick turn initiation, and softer in the tail for easy turn exit, the Bio-Logic flex enhances flex distribution and gives the skier the ultimate in comfort and control. The new Essenza models now incorporate tip rocker in their flex patterns.

New! Bio-Logic models with rocker now utilize the profile of the ski to create the more level stance. This allows the stance to be adjusted without adding the weight of an extra spacer in the binding. As always, Bio-Logic stance affords less overloading of the quad muscles, which undergo most of the strain in the turn. More balanced muscle action between the quads and hamstrings means better performance, less fatigue, and protection for the knee joint.

BIO-LOGIC GEOMETRY - New with Rocker!
Bio-Logic sidecuts – Bio-Logic sidecut shapes are wider in the tip, and narrower in the tail than unisex skis, featuring a specific, progressive design that has a tighter radius in the front of the ski and a longer radius toward the tail. The narrower tail allows the skier to finish the turn with less effort, reducing the load on the knees. Rocker makes the overall ride smoother and more maneuverable regardless of snow conditions.

Völkl engineers created a new, ultra-light wood core for the V-Werks series – which we also utilize for Essenza skis. This light weight design allows increased maneuverability, reduced knee strain, and lower overall fatigue.

The addition of tip rocker to Bio-Logic technology creates yet another leap forward in performance. The added ease, smoothness and maneuverability is especially compelling when combined with our adjusted stance, geometry, and flex. Turn engagement is gradual yet direct, and the flow from turn to turn is greatly