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How Rocker Works

Production statement


The effective edge length of a rocker ski is variable, i.e. the more powerful a ski is ridden and the tighter the turns are executed, the edge has a more dominant role in stability and grip. As a consequence a rockered ski can be chosen up to 10 cm longer than its cambered equivalent.

How Rocker Works

As always, Völkl’s holistic design focus revolves around creating exactly the right set up for the intended end use. Rocker designs vary from series to series, and even model to model depending on the type of skiing that each is designed for. Völkl’s original full rocker design, Extended Low Profile (ELP) gives the skier all the benefits of added maneuverability in soft snow while also delivering smooth, graceful arcs on groomed terrain. How? By matching the flex and sidecut with the full rocker (long, gradual bend from tip to tail) profile, the skier gains full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more you put the ski on edge, the more effective the edge becomes. The resulting smoothness and predictability is truly uncanny. We have added additional rocker designs in the last few seasons.

Rocker Throughout the Turn

01 Effective edge length (red) in decent slow, moderate turns

02 At approx. 35° oblique position full edge contact

03 Over 50° oblique position maximum edge pressure