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Völkl’s game improvement rocker design features an early rise in the tip combined with a softer tail section. Added to more models for 11/12, Progressive technology gives the intermediate to advanced skier the best of both worlds: ease of turn entry, smooth ride quality from the rockered tip, and easy comfortable turn exit thanks to the softer tail section. All these characteristics contribute to less fatigue, allowing the improving skier greater enjoyment.


01_PROGRESSive Flex


The cross-section of the ski tapers towards the tail - from thicker edges to a thinner center. This translates into a more flexible rear section of the ski, which is particularly beneficial at the end of a turn. The ski accelerates less aggressively out of turns and supports a neutral stance to help prevent the skier from sitting in the proverbial "back seat". The effect is less effort for better turns.

02_PROGRESSive Edge


A moderate upward curvature of the ski in its forward section means that the length of the edge can be varied. When the ski is only tilted to a shallow angle, a shorter section of the edge is in contact with the snow. On moderately fast turns where not much edge angulation is needed the relevant edges stay effectively shorter allowing the ski to turn more easily and have less stress on the skier. That edge "extends" automatically as the owner’s skiing style becomes more advanced and more pressure is put on the edges in a turn. The ski then offers the stability required for more speed.



The athletically ambitious variant of the Progressive technology with a wooden core provides extra reinforcement of the tip rocker area for increased stability at higher speeds.