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Völkl rocker designs are incorporated in all categories of the collection. Engineered along with the right sidecut and construction, ski performance is optimized on all models. This translates directly into more fun no matter what the conditions.

Full Rocker

Tip Rocker

Tip & Tail Rocker

Völkl Rocker Designs

As always, Völkl’s holistic design focus revolves around creating the perfect set up for the intended end use. Rocker designs vary from series to series, and even model to model depending on the type of conditions for which each ski is designed. One thing remains consistent: Völkl engineers match the sidecut and flex of each model to its rocker design, resulting in the best possible ride quality. The most important benefits of rocker are added maneuverability and easier turn initiation, and these two characteristics benefit the seasoned pro and weekend warrior alike. Völkl rocker designs are extremely easy to understand: the name describes exactly what you see - Full Rocker, Tip & Tail Rocker, or Tip Rocker. A complete overview can be found below.



A prime example of engineering just the right blend of sidecut, flex, AND Full Rocker. The brand-new One and Two powder skis feature a completely new sidecut shape that tapers toward the tip and tail. Consequently, the widest points in the tip and tail have been moved toward the mid-body of the ski. When combined with our signature Extended Low Profile (ELP) Full Rocker, the new design creates several advantages for powder skiing:

  • The ‘early’ taper in the tip and tail allow the ski to drift more easily from turn to turn, instead of trying to carve. These skis do not ‘hook up’ in the traditional sense.
  • A more playful, drifty ride quality in deep snow. With less grab in the tip and tail, the ski maneuvers effortlessly in even the deepest of snow.
  • With our Full Rocker design the ski can have a smooth and relatively stiff flex, giving the ski exceptional high speed stability, support for big landings, and a very solid ride compared to other pure powder skis.

Edge Grip Rocker

01 Effective edge length (red) in decent slow, moderate turns

02 At approx. 35° oblique position full edge contact

03 Over 50° oblique position maximum edge pressure