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New SPEEDWALL 2.0 Concept

New for this season, Völkl engineers have discovered a way to improve performance by integrating the sidewalls and wood core with into a unique SPEEDWALL MULTILAYER WOODCORE. The sidewall is laminated to stiff layers of wood on the outside of the core, with a softer, lighter weight wood in the center. This provides the following advantages:


/// The harder wood adjacent to the sidewall delivers increased power transmission, improves the edge grip and supports the edge.

/// The low weight of the softer section in the middle of the core brings more agility and maneuverability and reduces overall ski weight.

/// The combination of both wood types running through the entire ski length contributes to optimal pressure distribution.

SPEEDWALL MULTILAYER WOODCORE is the first and only sidewall/core technology intended for aggressive skiing on hard snow, even capable of delivering improved performance and faster times on the race course.

(a) utilizes a harder, more dense wood directly behind the sidewall on Racetiger and Code models, enhancing edge grip and power transmission.