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Matt Reardon
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Matt Reardon









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I have a bucket list of things I have always wanted to achieve and have accomplished in skiing from making major ski films to competing in big air, skier-cross, and big mountain competitions over the years….. I continue to learn and grow as a skier. My focus now is on set on bigger expeditions in more exotic places in the world such as November 2011 in Antarctica with Ice Axe Expeditions. I currently split my time between being a professional skier and a professional touring musician for Black Sunshine.

Date of birth

15th Oct




Truckee, CA.


Music, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Writing,


Nothing is impossible…



Völkl, Marker


What is your favorite ski in 2011/2012 Collection?



Why do you like this ski?

If I need one weapon and I am traveling with loads of gear I just want to rely on one ski that can do it all. I love the versatility and how responsive and stable it is.

What conditions do you use this ski for?


What other skis in the 2011/2012 collection do you ride?

The nanuk and the nanatuk with the f12 tour pro binding is a great back country set up but if your getting out of a heli in deep deep pow nothing beats the KURO

What about bindings? What bindings do you use? And where do you mount them?

F12 tour pro, jester always mounted in the suggested area

What DIN do you have your bindings on?



Favorite skier: Shane McConkey

Ski hero growing up: Scot Schmidt

Home mountain: Squaw Valley USA/Chamonix, France

Height: 5’7

Ideal day in the mountains: One spent with quality friends and great snow

How would you describe your style: Rocker

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career….I won an x games qualifier in France some time back which opened up the floodgates to working professionally as a skier with great sponsors. I had a fairly horrific staph infection in my left leg and battled being able to walk correctly again, let alone being able to ski again. I now ski better than I ever did before and I like to overcome adversity. Mind over matter…I’ve won a few memorable competitions but that was the biggest breakthrough.

Favorite place to ride: Anyplace with Helicopters, Big descents and deep Pow

Best snow trip: It’s never ending

What age did you start to ski: 15

What cant you live without: guitars and food

Favorite phone App. pandora

Goals and plans: I’m finally able to successfully combine my two passions of skiing and music together….I plan to expand on them both exponentially and use the two to create better things for the next generation.