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Sierra Quitiquit
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Sierra Quitiquit




Captain over froth

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surfing, skateboarding, cooking


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Alta Ski Resort


Völkl, Marker

Sierra was born and raised in Park City, Utah where she started skiing at the age of two. Skiing has always been a family affair. With her dad as her coach and three brothers as team mates, “Team Quitiquit” built a strong foundation for the love and lifestyle of skiing. Whether the family was living out of a van traveling to ski races, hiking together for pow turns or laughing on the chairlifts; skiing was always the source of love and joy. Nothing has changed, Sierra has spent her life pursuing her joy and passion skiing mountains all over the world.

When she’s not skiing, Sierra works as a professional fashion/sports model and loves to surf, skateboard, practice yoga, dance, cook and spend time with her friends and family.

What is your favorite ski in 2012/2013 Collection?
Shiro 183

Why do you like this ski?
The Shiro is the do all ski. Fast, playful, aggressive, responsive and just fun.

What conditions do you use this ski for?
All conditions!

What other skis in the 2011/2012 collection do you ride?
Nunataq, Kuro, Mantra

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?
The Nunataq is my go to ski for touring. Light weight and fully rockered it handles well in any backcountry conditions.

The Kuro for pow days. At 132 under foot this is the ski for deeeeeep days.

The Mantra for hard pack days. This ski rails. So fun on the groomers! And great for sneaking in and our of tight trees.

What bindings do you use and where do you mount them?
The Jester is my go to binding. I love the Duke for backcountry, so dependable. I mount my skis 2 forward.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
10-12 depending on how strong I’m feeling, how early in the season it is or what I’m skiing.

Favorite skier:
Ingrid Backstrom

Ski hero growing up:
My Dad, Jon. He was my ski coach when I was ski racing. He pushed me to always ski aggressive and fast and made me follow him off cliffs.

Ideal day in the mountains:
Sunrise yoga session, blue bird Utah pow day rolling deep with a crew of ripping ladies, ski fast, laugh on the chairlifts, coffee break, last chair, healthy dinner with the crew, beautiful dreams.

How would you describe your style?
I like to charge fast, fluid and aggressive but also find ways to be playful and flirty with the natural terrain.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career?
Believing in myself.

Favorite place to ride:

Best snow trip:
When I was in elementary school my parents took me and my three brothers out of school for 2 months one winter. We lived out of a van and skied all over the west coast and Canada. We lived, ate and breathed skiing. So much fun!

What age did you start to ski?
2 years old

What can’t you live without?
skiing, surfing, skateboarding, my family and pancakes.

Favorite phone App?

Goals and plans:
I want to push myself physically and mentally to be the best skier that I can possibly be. I hope to see beautiful places, make as many friends as possible and indulge in unique and challenging experiences along the ride.