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Jessica Sobolowski-Quinn

Jessica Sobolowski-Quinn





Date of birth

April 7




Truckee, CA and Cordova, Alaska


Anything that involves being outdoors! I also mountain bike daily in Tahoe.


Carpe Diem.

Ski club

Points North Heli


Völkl, Marker

I grew up in Simsbury, CT and went to college in Vermont where I skied raced NCAA DI. After college, I knew there must be bigger mountains out there so packed up my car and drove to Lake Tahoe, CA where I have been since. At the suggestions of Darian Boyle, who took me under her wings, I started competing in skier cross and placing podium. I knew I didn?t want to compete as I had done that my entire life. Skier cross however allowed me to get my foot in the door with amazing sponsors who I still represent to this day. I met Kevin the 1st year I moved to Tahoe where I started going to Alaska and helping run the office. A few years ago I started guiding at PNH and running Alaskan Ladies and having been doing that since. 10 years later we got married, had a baby and now fortunate to say we run one of the largest heli ski operations in North America!

What is your favorite ski in the Collection?
Hmmm, that's a hard one. I would have to say the new Shiro.

Why do you like this ski?
It's the ultimate, do anything ski. I skied on it for 2-1/2 months in Alaska which had the most diverse conditions Alaska has seen in years. It did great on the hard pack Alaska had in March, then did amazing in the deep deep powder in April.

What conditions do you use this ski for?
Ideally POWDER!

What other skis in the the collection do you ride?
I love the Katana, Kiku, Kuro and Mantra.

Can you tell us a little about each pair of skis, and about what sort of conditions you use them for?
Katana: Everyday ripping at Squaw. This ski does not have a huge side cut so it makes you really have to remember how to make a good technical turn. Kiku: A great ski for everyday skiing. This ski allows you to go fast and do the "smear" turn to scrub a bit of speed when needed. It holds well on harder conditions and is also great in chopped up conditions.

What bindings do you use and where do you mount them?
Jester's. I mount them 2 cm forward, always.

What DIN do you have your bindings on?
I used to crank my din up to around 12 until Chris Davenport had a really good point. The bindings are so good, we can trust them at the setting they recommend (well a bit higher). This way if you fall in a weird position, they will come off and hopefully

Favorite skier:
There are so many amazing skiers out there. I would have to say Shane McConkey is my favorite skier.

Ski hero growing up:
I grew up watching Greg Stump movies so all those guys, Plake, Greg, Kevin Andrews, Scott Schmidt.

Ideal day in the mountains:
Every powder day at Squaw minus the people except all my good buddies!!!!

How would you describe your style?
Fast, big mountain.

Your biggest breakthrough in your skiing career?
Skiing first descents in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska and being the first women (myself and Andrea Binning) to ski Pontoon Peak in the Chugach.

Favorite place to ride:
The Chugach!!!!

Best snow trip:
I have had a few amazing trips to Switzerland where the snow has been so deep and perfect.

What age did you start to ski?
4 years old

What can’t you live without?
My family!

Favorite phone App?
Pandora and Strava, usually being used at the same time!

Goals and plans:
To continue to run and guide at Points North. I am also excited to continue my Ladies Camps, film and shoot photo's this season.