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Junior Motion


If you look at a junior or children’s ski, the binding zone takes up a disproportionately large part of the overall ski length. Traditional binding systems typically stiffen up that section of the ski. For longer ski lengths this is only a small impediment to a properly round flex. For children’s ski models, however, that stiffness represents a major restriction to the general functionality of the ski. Our developers recognized the problem and premiered a junior version of the 3Motion bindings system for shorter ski lengths. The benefit: by separating the attachment rails into two pieces, the Junior 3Motion no longer disrupts the flex behavior in the decisive binding zone. When put on edge, the ski carves a perfect curve and makes skiing even simpler for kids. At the same time, the Junior 3Motion also fulfills all technical requirements for maximum security.


7.0 3Motion JR. R

7.0 3Motion JR. R Essenza

4.5 3Motion JR.

4.5 3Motion JR. Essenza