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Environment News

Völkl cares!


As passionate athletes and individuals, we are active in nature and experience the threats to our living spaces firsthand.

As a passionate winter sports brand, we produce high-end products for use in nature. This requires first and foremost an intact, natural environment. We all live from nature and anything that threatens the environment therefore threatens us as well – both as individuals and as a company.

We know that we – like other industrial firms – leave behind traces in the environment. Yet we don't simply accept this as a given.

We have been working on improvement initiatives for years to reduce our footprint step by step.

Mission accomplished, 80.000 less hangers


Rethinking packaging methods saves Völkl Performance Wear 80.000 hangers.

A great history is quickly told. Völkl's Performance Wear Division thought about how to reduce packaging and avoid needless waste.

The result? Völkl managed to save 30% of cardboard packaging and 80.000 hangers for their clothing.