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 The XTD Sensor Wood Core is the construction method with the greatest proportion of wood. The core consists of a number of layers of wood glued together using a special patented process to allow the wood and resin to be better bonded. Two additional wood cores stretch along the ski edges for its entire length. The XTD Sensor Wood Core offers an incomparably precise ride and harmonious flex.



In the Full Sensor Wood Core construction a compact wooden core is integrated from the ski tip to the ski tail providing power and energy along the entire ski's length. The result is optimum support and responsiveness for skiers with a good feeling for the snow and slopes and seek intuitive feedback from their skis. This wood core is used in the UNLIMITED and TIGER ski ranges and in some of the Freeski models.



In the simple Woodcore structure, the wooden core gives additional damping in the central binding area of the ski resulting in a controlled ride and easy turning from the middle of the ski. This construction is quiet and stable regardless of the terrain and conditions and ideal for the skier requiring a forgiving nature.



For the XTD Wood Core, two complete, full wood cores run parallel down both sides along the ski’s full length. This design allows precise edge grip and stability at high speeds. Both XTD Wood Core and XTD Sensor Wood Core are the basis for VÖLKL’s Double GripXTD technology. In the women’s ATTIVA ski range, XTD Wood Core is also used in the ultra-light LT version.



The Dual Wood Core construction consists of the wooden core extending across the width of the ski body and is positioned within the central binding area. The Dual Wood Core delivers extra power under foot and allows easier and lighter flexing at the tip and tail for a smooth, somewhat forgiving performance.