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Völkl cares!


As passionate athletes and individuals, we are active in nature and experience the threats to our living spaces firsthand.

As a passionate winter sports brand, we produce high-end products for use in nature. This requires first and foremost an intact, natural environment. We all live from nature and anything that threatens the environment therefore threatens us as well – both as individuals and as a company.

We know that we – like other industrial firms – leave behind traces in the environment. Yet we don't simply accept this as a given.

We have been working on improvement initiatives for years to reduce our footprint step by step.



Hattrick: Völkl wins the ISPO Eco Responsibility Award for the third time in a row  


Once again, Völkl has proven its drive for innovation and mastermind position: with the ECO RENTAL Project and the groundbreaking NAWARO RENT Ski, a fully functional alpine ski model for the rental market, which raises the bar in regard to the preservation of resources.

Due to permanent and demanding use as well as numerous services, rental skis are down the drain, or better ready for the dump after one to three years. Every year 300,000 rentals skis are thrown out by brands and manufacturers worldwide. This means 1,000 tons of waste - waste that mainly consists of fossil material that are not renewable resources.



NAWARO stands for renewable resources. More precisely: 74% of Völkl's NAWARO Skis are made of renewable resources. We use linen, flax fibers, wood cores and recycled steel; the resin, surfaces and bases are composed of at least 50% renewable materials and the color system got economized. This all creates an amazing potential for the gentle handling of our resources.


In 2011/12, Völkl initiates a comprehensive test program for the fully functional NAWARO. This concept was the decisive reason for the competent committee to grant the ISPO Eco Responsibility Award to Völkl - for the third time in a row. In 2009, Völkl's serial ski Nanuq won the award. While in 2010, it was the Amaruq Eco, a classy ski, and Völkl's snowboards Yavana, Cashew und Vice SQD that also took home some "eco credits".