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Ski Constructions


Dual XTD Transmission Sidewall


XTD Transmission Sidewall construction features reinforcement channels aligned to support the outside of the ski, over the sidewalls and edges. This works to prevent chatter and provide a stable ride throughout the turn, regardless of snow conditions.

Ski Model: RTM 84

Dual XTD Transmission


Dual Extended Transmission construction has a similar profile to the sidewall construction of the RTM 84, yet is more forgiving and softer in its feel. It still delivers the necessary power for an exciting ride that is accessible to more than just expert skiers.

Ski Model: RTM 80, Charisma, Allura

XTD Transmission


XTD Transmission follows a similar philosophy to Dual XTD Transmission, although the reinforcement is less pronounced, giving the ski a softer feel. Optimized for ambitious intermediates, the ski’s construction provides plenty of power transmission, allowing the skier to rise to the next level of speed and confidence.

Ski Model: RTM 77, Chiara, Viola


XTD PROGRESSive Technology


XTD Progressive Technology features a unique 3D design that stabilizes the front of the ski and transfers power toward the mid-body, for a comfortable ride and easy balance. This construction is very stable and easy to handle. The Progressive Flex (softer) tail allows the skier to transition to the next turn with ease.

Ski Models: RTM 75 iS, RTM 75, Aurena

PROGRESSive Technology


PROGRESSive Technology features very slightly raised areas over the edge in the mid-body of the ski, delivering sufficient stability while allowing effortless turn initiation. The soft-flexing tail facilitates drift at the end of turn, especially for beginners and low intermediate skiers.

Ski Models: RTM 73, Adora

Power Construction


Völkl’s longest-running construction, Power Construction utilizes traditional vertical sidewalls and a torsion box internal layup. Used in racing skis as well as all the freeskiing models, this versatile, proven construction provides tremendous grip, stability, and a smooth ride.

Double-Grip Technology

Our proven Double Grip constructions continue to deliver incredible performance. This high tech construction consists of raising the height of the construction above the edge, creating added support for the edge, and in turn, better edge grip.

Extended Double Grip


The unique Motion iPT interface allowed Völkl engineers to further develop our signature Double Grip construction, creating Extended Double Grip. The added height extends from tip to tail, placing more material where it’s needed - in support of the edges. Featured in conjunction with various Motion iPT and eMotion systems.

Power Grip

All skis with 3Motion feature Power Grip™ construction, which improves power delivery to the edge with a unique 3 Dimensional design. As with Extended Double Grip, the segmented Motion interface allows the ski to be shaped with more material supporting the edge, for better edge grip and smoother turns.n iPT and eMotion systems.

Power Shell Construction

Völkl’s Power Shell Construction utilizes a full cap shell, without a vertical sidewall. This design allows for an easy, round flex pattern, with an extremely friendly ride quality.