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V-Werks - the Power of Perfection

Carbon, Aramid, »Powered by Titanium« – only the best will do for the latest masterpiece from Völkl’s high tech skiworks. Like auto racing engineers, we know that every gram matters for this series of exclusive models. We’ve pushed for the greatest possible weight reductions, without compromising an inch on sustainability or durability. To the contrary, faster and better is what it’s all about!

The fine mix of Carbon, Aramid and »Powered by Titanium« permits high precision edge grip and fast-reacting skiing performance with unparalleled ease.

This XTD Transmission (Sidewall) construction is engineered in the binding area using hollow carbon shells. The highly rigid carbon is lightweight but delivers more direct edge grip in the binding area – right in the area where the greatest pressure is applied.

Aramid is used at the tip and tail to replace the Titanal belt. The material is lighter yet provides comparable shock absorption for the exposed zones of the ski – the perfect use for a material so effective at absorbing energy that it is used in bulletproof vests. The fiber structure of Aramid also gives the wider tip and tail zones of the ski greater torsional stability, which contributes to better edge grip.

V-Werks is the ultimate upgrade. For the upcoming season, Völkl is kicking off with special Code Speedwall and RTM 84 V-Werks editions.